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The WGLA Board is moving forward as if we will have a full season and ask that you register as soon as possible so we can best plan for our season.  We recognize it most likely will look and feel differently but all are in agreement that we will have some level of girls lacrosse this Spring and are committed to do the best we can to play and teach lacrosse in a safe and fun way.  To help you make the decision to register, we will offer a 100% refund of your registration and Player’s fee if we need to cancel the season due to COVID-19 or other such disaster.   We are starting to incur costs for our season but recognize this is the right thing to do in this situation and will dip into our reserves if needed.


IMPORTANT:  US Lacrosse Membership – DO NOT RENEW

One important item to mention that will be different is that our League is changing our insurance coverage from US Lacrosse to their own plan which will be covered by a Player’s fee at Registration.  DO NOT RENEW US LACROSSE MEMBERSHIPS.  Some of you will begin receiving renewal notice from US Lacrosse…do not renew.  This will be handled as a separate $30 Players fee within the registration.


Steps Required to Register:

1.       Log into Registration system via our website: http://westboroughgirlslacrosse.usl.la

2.       Complete Player Registration linked to our registration system (cost $30)

3.       Complete WGLA Registration and make payment ($140 for grades 1-2; $170 for grades 3-8)

  • We have reduced registration by $20 to reflect limited if any indoor preseason practices

4.       Purchase Uniform from Chill Life (estimated cost $55).  Note, only tops and bottoms required, sox are optional. We will be using the SAME UNIFORM so if you have one you do not need to repurchase.

5.       Make sure your daughter has a mouth guard, eye protection and women's lacrosse stick (available at Dick's Sporting Goods, one of our sponsors). 


Financial Scholarships Available:

WGLA is a non-profit organization committed to providing as many girls as possible with access to the game of lacrosse. Each year we provide need-based scholarships that cover the cost of both registration and the US Lacrosse membership, as we are not willing to allow cost to prevent someone from accessing this experience.  Families who need assistance should contact Christy Gage at   508-269-6155.  All discussions will be treated with confidentiality, respect and privacy.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you need help.



As always, we are activity seeking parent involvement for Coaching and Board duties especially with those with players in 1st and 2nd grade as our Board is experiencing transition as our kids are getting older.  Please reach out with interest.



Additional Information: We are committed to having a Spring Lacrosse year and will modify as needed to ensure the safety and health of our players and coaches.  Below highlights basic season information during a normal year that you can use as a general guideline.



Girls lacrosse season registration occurs in the fall, usually right before Thanksgiving.  Registration is done on-line, on a first come, first served basis.

In a typical year, we will have 1-2 teams at each age level. 

  • U9 - 1st & 2nd graders (min 11, max 13 players per team
  • U11 - 3rd & 4th graders. (min 12, max 15 players per team)
  • U13 - 5th & 6th graders. (min 18, max 23 players per team)
  • U15 - 7th & 8th graders (min 18, max 23 players per team)

Each year we will open up registrations for the max number of players for 1 team, per age group.  Once those registrations are filled, we will begin a waitlist.  Once the waitlist exceeds the minimum number of players for 2 teams we will open up registration for additional players. 



General Season Timeline

The preparation for the next spring season begins almost as soon as the previous season ends.  Below are the general timeframes of the annual cycle.



November– January



Pre-season indoor practices begin

1st Sunday of April

First regular season game

1st week of April

Outdoor practices begin

1st Sunday of June

Last regular season game

2nd or 3rd weekend of June

MBGLL Jamboree


For the regular season we schedule 8 Sunday games over 10 weeks (no games on Easter Sunday or Memorial Day Weekend).  On average, two practices are scheduled per week for U11, U13, U15, and one practice per week for U9.  Please see the Spring Practice Schedule on the left menu for more information.