Westboro Girls Youth Lacrosse. Glax education and play, youth through high school girls lacrosse.

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Bring it in

Gather the team to discuss practice plans for the day

5 minutes

Some warm-up activity

Warm up stretch legs, arms, shoulders, neck & midsection

5 minutes

Coaches Instruction -Cradling

Looking for opportunity to get the girls to start switching hands during their cradle

2 minutes

(Drill 1) Stick Trick

Getting a feel for the stick

2 minutes

(Drill 2) - Competitive Figure 8s

Gaining comfort with switching hands while running -keeping head up while cradling & running

5 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Ground Ball

Basic instruction on the fundamentals

2 minutes

(Drill 3) Boxing out



(Drill 4) Team Ground Ball Challenge

More experienced girls try with opposite hand

3 minutes

(Drill 5) Ground Ball Tag

Ground balls under pressure

5 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Passing & Catching

Basic instruction on the fundamentals

3 minutes

(Drill 6) Partner passing (everyone should have a new partner each practice)

Passing & Catching

7 minutes

(Drill 7)Work the Point

Catching, Passing & Shooting

10 minutes

(drill 8 ) open space - in Square

Getting girls to move off the ball and look for ajdacent passing


Water break


2 minutes

Coaches Instruction - Hot-spots - positions

Instruction on positioning on offense

3 minutes

(Drill 9) Open space with Hot spots


Getting players familiar with hot spots

5 minutes

Water Break


2 minutes

Coaches review of positions - offense & defense


Focus on movement from hot spots with cuts, learning to look at a hot spot for an open player.


Drill -

Some defensive focused drill


(Activity) Half field scrimmage with stopping for direction from coaches

Introducing game simulation to kids





90 minutes