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Coaches Instruction - Hot Spot & Position Instruction


Help the girls identify how to find open space by filling a position that is open.  This is especially important for girls who have not played so that they can learn where to go and not feel lost on the field.


Key Coaching Points:

(note - for U11, we are using less hot-spots because there are less players.  We are also using letters so that the girls are not confused next year when they are introduced to 7 hot-spots)

  1. As a point of reference, the girls need to be made aware of the 8 & 12 meter arcs


  1. A challenge for girls new to either sports or lacrosse, the idea of going to "open space" can be difficult to grasp.  What was once open space may quickly be filled by another team mate who moved to the space before or at the same time as another team mate. 


  1. This type of unsettled play can make the offensive side hectic and girls are often at a loss where to go in order to "get to open space"


  1. By working with the established "hot spots" the goal is to provide a reference point for the girls to understand basic positioning.


  1. Once the girls understand the positions on the field it should be easier to provide the coaching or guidance as to helping the girls determine where to go when they don't have the ball. 


  1. By looking around at the field, they can see what "Hot spots" are open and move to them.  Often it can be this very movement to the open space that allows the girls to get open.