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  1. To increase awareness of where the hot spots are
  1. To identify and move to open space in conjunction with movement of other teammates.  
  1. React to coaching cues

Key Coaching Points

The concept of the hot spots may take a little while for girls to grasp.  The idea of using teams at the beginning is to allow girls who get it to lead the others and for the girls who are not as familar to be part of a group while learning.  Throughout the season, each girl should be able to run to each spot on their own.


  1. Review the hot spots (A-E for U11)


  1. Break up the girls into 4 teams giving each a name


  1. Call out a hot spot that already has girls on it and call out a hot spot for them to run to.
    1. "A to B"


  1. When the team which is on the hot spot that the opposing team is running to, have them run to the open hot spot.


  1. Mix it up sometimes first calling an open hot spot that has no girls.  This should also help increase the girls awareness of where they are.


1. “A to B”

-Orange runs to B & Green Team needs to run to open hot spot “D”


2. “C to E”

-Blue runs to “E” and Orange runs to open hot spot “A”

3. Etc…