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Coaches Instruction - Offense & Defense Position


To provide instruction on defensive & offensive positions & rules around the crease


Key Coaching Points

In the U11 league, most girls are new to lacrosse and unfamiliar with the basics.  Time should be spent during the first week focused on positions.  This should be stressed before the rules so that the rules can be explained from a point of reference of positions on the field. 


Many of the girls are also new to organized sports at this age.  Fairly significant time needs to be spent on playing defense as this too will be a fairly new concept to most of the girls.

Position Instruction

  1. Attack
    1. Location on the field
    1. Area of movement on offense
    1. DOES play defense when the other team has the ball and is trying to clear it upfield
  1. Middie
    1. Location on the field & number of mid fielders
    1. Plays offense & defense
    1. On offense works with attack to move the ball around the net
    1. On defense needs to slow down the movement of the ball when the other team is clearing
    1. On defense needs to work with our defensive players to stop the other team from
  1. Defense
    1. Location on the field and number of defenders
    2. Primarily plays defense
    3. CAN move the ball up the field (to the mid-field line) when we stop the other team


Instruction on how to play defense

  1. Stay between your girl & the goal
  1. Feet first, stick second - move your feet first to block a girl
  2. See your girl & the ball
  1. Always get back to protect the front of the net