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The drill is helpful for offense by having them move the ball quickly  seeing when a player is open--or has just one on one coverage--so she can drive to goal.  It helps the defense by practicing the double team and keeping their sticks in the passing lanes.


Coaching Guidance:

Remind both the offense & defense that communication is the key to making this work...for finding an open player or for getting help on defense.


Coach the offensive girls to use their "outside" hands so the ball is away from the defense

Coach the defense to communicate for help when there is only one person on the ball



  1. Place 5 girls around the outside of the draw circle


  1. Place 5 defenders on the inside


  1. Place cone in the middle. 


  1. Have the girls move the ball around the outside of the circle quickly as the defenders always double the ball and slide to cover the girls next to the ball carrier. 


  1. The defender on the far side of the ball will have two players. 


  1. As soon as the ball is passed in the air, the girls go back to man to man coverage and then double the ball. 


  1. If the ball is moved quickly enough, eventually an offensive player is open and tries to drive to the cone while cradling and touch her foot on the cone. 
    1. This signifies "going to goal" and a point is given. 


  1. If the defense causes a turnover, they get a point
    1. if they cause an attack player who has started to drive to the cone to back out, they also get a point.   


  1. The defense is not allowed to step outside the circle, but they can have their sticks in the passing lanes.