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Cradling while running

Keeping your head up & looking around

  • Important for a game, but more important on the drill not to run into the other player







  1. Divide the girls up in to even teams


  1. Set up 3 pairs of cones 10 yards apart (see diagram)
    1. Cone


  1. When the whistle blows, team 1 runs to their right going around the cone that is in front of Team 2.
    1. After passing the cone they cut back in towards the 2nd set of cones running around the cone now on the opposite side
      1. Adavnced girls should try to switch hands so that their stick is on the opposite side of their body from the cone. 
        1. Others should look to progress this way as the season moves along.
    1. After passing the 2nd cone, they run around the far cone on the other side
    2. They then repeat this crossing pattern on the way back.


  1. When they get to the next girl, they flip it to their teammate who then repeats the pattern. 


  1. The first team to finishes, wins