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Drill - Hot Spot Callout


  1. To introduce players to the locations of hot spots. 
  2. React to coaching cues

Key Coaching Points

The concept of the hot spots may take a little while for girls to grasp.  The idea of using teams at the beginning is to allow girls who get it to lead the others and for the girls who are not as familiar to be part of a group while learning.  Throughout the season, each girl should be able to run to each spot on their own.


  1. Divide the girls up into 3 groups
    1. Either colors or Attack, Middie & Defense


  1. Have them running while cradling inside of the 12m arc


  1. Call out "attack" to B (picking any hot spot) "middies to E",  "Defense to C", etc.
    1. Make the callouts in succession but allowing enough time for each group to recognize their name and their hot spot



  1. Divide the girls into 2 teams giving one team pinnies
    1. Assign each team a set of attack, middie & defense


  1. Run the drill same as above


  1. When a hot-spot is called out, it is a competition for each team to get their group of players to the hot spot first.
    1. Look to only call out one group at a time (like attack) to minimize the amount of confusion.


  1. The winning group is the one who gets all of their players to that hot spot in time.